"Well! It was quite an experience for me to play in my first Tad Suzuki Piano Studio Recital. I didn't fully appreciate Tad's attempts to calm my nerves the weeks before the recital. Still, now that the event is behind me, I realize how true his words were. His students are as he described: earnest in their studies, personable, non-judgemental, and non-competitive, not to mention nervous, like me! Many thanks to Tad for all his efforts to make the recital a grand and satisfying event.  With Tad's compassion, kindness, and sensitivity, he taught his new student of only one month the duet they performed together at the recital. And his student did a fantastic job! He gave her an experience I doubt she would have received anywhere else, with him by her side. Kudos to Tad and his student!  Tad performed the Badarzewska and Chopin pieces with adeptness, passion, and brilliance, inspiring and energizing our love for hearing beautiful music and continuing our studies with him. Bravo!   One more thing, I'm so impressed with his ability to build a viable music business that is thoughtful, organized, and competent. His knowledge and love for music are evident, and I appreciate all he shares with his students." Susan U R. (Adult Student)

"Tad is not only an amazing teacher but a great person. He is very thoughtful and kind to work with. He is very organized in his approach which helps tremendously for students. He is also an outstanding piano player! I am very happy to have found Tad and his piano studio and plan to continue receiving lessons from him for years to come. I highly recommend Tad to anyone looking to begin piano lessons, beginner or advanced." Austin D. (Adult Student)

"Moving into a new country, my family has to face so many uncertainties.  However, one thing is certain.  I feel so grateful that I found Mr. Suzuki for my daughter, Ammolite.  Within 6 months, I saw dramatic changes in Ammolite’s piano learning.  She does not only make great progress in learning piano techniques but starts to play with expression.   Mr. Suzuki’s piano lesson is so inspiring that even I am motivated and start to practice some old pieces at home. How I wish I could have a piano teacher like Mr. Suzuki when I was a young girl!   He truly puts his heart into teaching, and he leads us to enjoy the wonderful journey in the world of music. " 
Anne W. (Parent)

"Tad is my first piano teacher, and I have enjoyed my piano journey with him thoroughly. He is patient and kind, which means a lot to me - an adult student with physical and time constraints. Tad is also a good listener and he makes wonderful recital suggestions. After one year of studying with Tad, I have learned so much besides piano technique: my bonds with many composers strengthen, and my appreciation of music matures. I am happy with my piano progress and thankful to have Tad as a teacher and a friend." Khoa N. (Adult Student)

"Our 14-year-old daughter has been taking lessons with Tad for about 6 months and what is most remarkable about her experience is that she is motivated to practice on a consistent basis.  Motivating teenage girls is not an easy task.  She had previous lessons with another teacher but felt burdened, intimidated, and this greatly hindered her from fully learning and enjoying the process.  Under her previous teacher, it was another task for a working mom to make her practice and find ways to motivate her.  Tad, however, is a gifted teacher who is able to balance challenging the student while providing enjoyment in the work.  He provides a very structured lesson utilizing the lesson time to its fullest and as a gifted teacher, he is able to assess the student's level, needs, and works with the student's individuality to draw out her potential.  She took about 5 years off from lessons and when Tad suggested pieces for her to work on for the Winter recital, I thought she wouldn't be able to accomplish what he presented to her.  After 3 months of lessons, she was able to play quite proficiently the piece he suggested.  She was challenged but not crushed and she has a great new sense of confidence in what hard work and dedication can accomplish.  Tad is most kind and as a gifted teacher balances challenging his students with loving support.  He values his students and teaches the love of music and for this, my husband and I are most grateful.  We have never encountered such a teacher as Tad whose expertise, patience, and support are matchless.  We want our 9-year-old son to also take lessons from Tad as well and hope Tad's schedule allows!" Angela F. (Parent)

"If you are looking for an amazing piano teacher for your child or yourself, you need to look no further than Tad Suzuki. Our daughter has been taking lessons from Tad for five months. The progress that she has made during this short time with Tad as her teacher far exceeds our wildest dreams and truly demonstrates what a wonderful teacher he is. She eagerly looks forward to her weekly lessons and prefers to practice piano over her regular school work, watching TV, or other activities! We can really see that Tad has bestowed his enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto her.  Tad possesses a natural gift for teaching. He is patient, kind and makes a wonderful connection with each student. He is able to gauge his student’s level of knowledge and ability then customize the lessons to draw upon their strengths. He rewards hard work and acknowledges each newly learned measure of music. Friendly and encouraging yet committed and serious, Tad teaches piano with an energy and enthusiasm that cannot be found anywhere else. His studio is well equipped and located conveniently near public transportation and parking. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to bring beautiful music and a true sense of accomplishment into their life."  Katie Z. (Parent)

"I enjoyed the recital yesterday. I was impressed by all your students. One thing I learn, you are a very supportive, inspirational, and patient teacher. The short testimonials was a nice addition. Learning a musical instrument while working full time can be burdensome, discouraging and time-consuming. But you make it fun. Also, playing in front of an audience can be nerve-racking! However, you made all the performers feel at ease. It was like playing among family members. They can play without feeling judged. Mary enjoys studying with you. Keep up the good work!" Rhoel L. (Parent)

"I came to Tad's Piano Studio after I retired. I have always thought that piano is for everyone and can be learned at any age. Tad, indeed, had made it happen. He is very professional and has helped me come back to piano. I would encourage and recommend Tad's studio to any adult who dreams of learning to play the piano." Nanette M. (Adult Student)

"My 7-yrs old son has been taking lessons from Tad with his studio for about 2 months. Tad pays a remarkable amount of attention to the playing techniques, hand position, finger position, wrist movement...and Tad makes notes for each lesson with details which is really helpful when my son reviews it at home... I am really glad that we found Tad! what he is doing for my son's music skills is far beyond my expectations." Linda Z. (Parent)

"As a working adult, the studio’s flexible schedule enabled me to fit piano lessons into my life. In fact, January of 2014 marked my one-year anniversary of taking lessons with Tad. During this short time, I have been able to perform and participate in three student recitals. While I understand that performing in front of an audience may not be something everyone enjoys, I certainly do. And that is where Tad’s skill set lies. He is able to find out what his students love most about taking piano lessons and he uses that as the source for continued growth in each student. From the flexible structure of his lesson plans, to the sense of community among the student body, I would recommend Tad’s studio to anyone who is looking to start or continue their journey learning to play the piano."  Frankie R. (Adult Student)

"Tad Suzuki is the best piano teacher that my daughter has ever had! My 14-year-old daughter Mary has been taking piano lessons from Tad for the last 7 months. We leave each lesson talking about what a great teacher he is. My daughter has had a range of teachers over the last 7 years – music students, community music schools, and private teachers. I can honestly say that while she has had some good teachers, Tad is really the best! He is a professional, highly skilled pianist who has an amazing gift for teaching. He introduces beautiful and challenging pieces of music that my daughter is excited to play. He has a wonderful balance of excellent musicianship and patience and kindness in teaching. The winter recital was a great experience where family and friends could be treated to a beautiful venue and even more beautiful music. We both look forward to weekly lessons and to the summer recital. We are so thankful to have found such a superb teacher."  Jennifer C. (Parent)

"My 12-year-old son has been a Tad Suzuki Piano Studio student for approximately 1-1/2 years. We knew from our first meeting that Tad was a true professional and committed teacher. It was special because my son left the meeting saying, I believe I can learn something from him.  My son joined Tad's Studio without any serious formal piano training. While he could sight read and play jazz and worship music by ear, Tad accomplished my life's dream with him--he introduced my son to and made him feel comfortable enough to play classical music in a very short time.  Tad is very encouraging with the students, and his method of teaching educates and builds their confidence.
The thing that I enjoy most about Tad is not only his gifted teaching style but also the fact that he's a talented performer.  At the Studio Recitals, Tad also entertains the audience with some of the most beautiful music you'll ever hear.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Tad Suzuki Piano Studio to anyone looking for instruction for themselves or their child." Daise J. (Parent)

"Piano always has a special place in my heart ever since I came into contact with it during my childhood.  On and off, I have taken about 3-4 years of lessons with 2 different teachers previously.  About four months ago, I decided to take lessons again.  I wanted to do something that I truly enjoy and also to pick up where I left off many years ago.  After doing some research and attending the introduction session, I decided to take lessons with Tad.  Tad is really an amazing teacher.  He has a very good personality and is very patient and inspiring to his students.  He takes gradual steps to improve our techniques while helping us understand the message behind the music.  With Tad's instructions, students are able to bring colors to the music.  The piano lesson is one of the things that I look forward to each week and I am very pleased to have found an amazing teacher like Tad." Catherine C. (Adult Student)

“My name is Monik Chlad. I have two daughters: 5 year old Lenna and 8 year old Nadia. We live in downtown Chicago.  Just like every other mother, I am trying to do the best for my two girls, especially when it comes to education.  We all know that education doesn’t stop at regular school, especially in today’s competitive reality. There are so many after-school programs to choose from that it is becoming overwhelming. Choosing the right after-school program for my daughters was equally important to me as choosing the right school.  I wanted to make sure that this program would bring positive results and benefits to my kids’ life.  I also wanted to make sure that it would be something that my girls would love and enjoy; part of who they are.  I always knew that playing an instrument would be a great benefit for any child.  I talked to my older daughter and decided to look for a piano instructor. I spent hours searching the Internet, asking for referrals.  I made a few appointments with different schools/instructors located at or near downtown Chicago.  After our first meeting and class with instructor, Tad Suzuki, I knew that this would be my daughter’s piano teacher.  I couldn’t be happier with our decision.  Tad represents everything we were looking for. He is a great pianist and all the students love him.  Tad does his work with love and passion and this passion spreads to his students. My daughter’s progress is amazing.  She loves her classes and she is always looking forward to her practice.  I have no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision. I would recommend Tad Suzuki Piano Studio to anyone that is serious about learning how to play piano, kids and adults.  Thank you…. Thank you… Tad!”  Monik C. (Parent)