HEALTH POLICY: Operational Adjustments for In-Studio Lessons

I have made the following adjustments to help manage the risks of contracting COVID-19 to you and me.
  • A mask is required for the duration of the lessons.  
  • Two (2) air purifiers with HEPA filters are running during the lessons.  
  • Tad Suzuki Piano Studio bears no responsibility or liability if you contract coronavirus and believe it may have come from here. I'm taking extra precautions and managing the risks. It is impossible to know where and when it was contracted, and some factors must be considered, such as a person's age and immune system.

  • All students and parents must come to the studio door with a mask. I will be wearing a mask to greet students. No entry without a mask. (You will forfeit the lesson for that day.)   
  • Please wash your hands in the bathroom with soap with water before the lesson. I constantly wash my hands throughout the day.  
  • Please do not come to the studio if you show signs of coronavirus (coughing, sneezing, fever, respiratory issues).